About this space…

Hello there! Thank you first and foremost for taking time out of your day to read through some of my thoughts and experiences.  I am working hard to develop content that will stimulate your mind and open you to new points of view, as well as doing the same for me through your comments and discussions. As I am a political scientist by education and training this is a site where I will be posting, commenting, reviewing and discussing various topics from the news of the day to specific areas of policy that I am trained and interested in (education and environmental primarily). I welcome your feedback, so please visit my contact page and drop me a line.  Let me know your thoughts and if you’d like a response, please let me know and I will respond as quickly as I can (after putting the right amount of thought into it of course!).

Please note that I am not interested in creating a Facebook-like experience. I will not engage with memes or any racist or otherwise inappropriate comments and they will be deleted. I will happily explain my thoughts and ask for clarification from anyone. I hope to make this an environment for the freewheeling discussion of politics and policy where we can understand each other and disagree without being disagreeable.

Thank you in advance for your thoughts and I hope we can all learn a few things along the way. Enjoy!

Warmest regards,