Vote, safely.

Know your rights.

With Trump’s divisive and sometimes violence-inducing rhetoric, everyone should be aware of their rights as voters. With Trump, his campaign and the GOP calling on supporters to go “monitor the polls” and to “stand back and stand by” exhortations given to the white supremacist and violent “Proud Boys”, this election has the potential to be one of the most violent in modern history. Clearly identifying voter intimidation and your rights as voters is important. Do not let anyone keep you from voting. If you see someone campaigning too close to a polling place, causing or encouraging violence or hateful speech, tell the workers. These people that will be “monitoring the polls” are not election officials, have no legal authority, and as likely as not will have no idea what they are doing. The election officials that matter (from both parties) will be inside the polling places, the counting facilities and courthouses.

Defend your rights. Defend yourself. Knowledge is power.

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