Good Morning

Hello, world!

Today, I wanted to take a little break from my normal political posting and put into practice something I’ve done over the last six years, but in public. Each day, after I wake up and before I begin working, I write down five things that I am grateful for. They’ve been people, places I’ve been to, plans I’m making, etc. So, I thought I would share and hopefully inspire some other folks to take up the habit. We get so lost in our own worlds (sometimes in our own minds) that we forget to take a moment and remind ourselves of the positive things in our lives.

A disclaimer, these are in no particular order. Sometimes they will repeat on different days of the week. The list doesn’t reflect any order of importance or preference. Also, I won’t use any names unless I have permission to post publicly. Some of them might not make any sense to you, but you can always reach out and ask me what I meant…I might just respond!

  1. Toby
  2. Friends
  3. Books
  4. Music
  5. Keyboards

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