Hail to the Chief…

Here’s some information for anyone who’s been conned into believing Donald Trump cares about the US military or our troops.

-Faked a disability 5 times to avoid a war he didn’t oppose.

-5 non-rich guys went to Vietnam in his place.

-Tried to kick homeless vets off 5th Ave.

-Stole from vets via his fraudulent Tump University.

-Lied about donating $1 million to veterans’ nonprofits.

-Said he’d make troops commit war crimes.

-Pardoned a guy who committed war crimes.

-Falsely claimed he signed Vets’ Choice into law.

-Insulted POWs, including Sen. John McCain, who volunteered for the war he dodged.

-Insulted Gold Star Families.

-Fined for misusing funds from 2016 Vets fundraiser.

-Called Generals “dopes and babies”.

-Falsely accused US service members of stealing funds for Iraqi reconstruction.

-Deployed 5,600 soldiers to the border in a midterm election stunt.

-Personally insulted Generals Allen, Mattis, Kelly, Powell, McChrystal; Purple Heart recipients Mueller & Vindman, & Admiral McRaven.

-lied about donating $6 million to veterans groups in 2016.

-Sided with Putin against all branches of military intelligence.

-Blew off Veterans Day cemetery ceremony in France because it was raining.

-What he said to Myeshia Johnson, widow of ambushed Sgt. La David Johnson. Not going to repeat it, you can look it up.

-He’s trying to cut SNAP. Do you understand how much that hurts military families & vets?

-His budget seeks to cut medicaid. Do you understand how much this hurts military families & vets?

-Pay freeze for all Fed agencies via Executive Order – Fed workforce is 31% veteran, approx 623k vets

-Undid regulations on predatory lenders who target military members.

-He’s trying to destroy the Post Office, which employs thousands of veterans.

-Declared a fake national emergency to divert billions from the Pentagon to fund a wall he lied that Mexico would pay for. These funds were allocated for improvement to family housing on military bases, among other things.

-Downplayed and trivialized troops with traumatic brain injuries in Jan 2020.

-Insulted troops with PTSD.

-Used the national guard to tear gas US protestors so he could be photographed with an upside down bible.

-Forced West Point cadets to travel back for graduation during a plague, endangering their health & the health of their families, for a photo-op.

-Said 26,000 military sexual assaults were to be ‘expected’ because America lets women serve.

-announced that transgender troops could no longer serve, via a tweet, without informing the Pentagon.

-Invited the Taliban to Camp David on the anniversary of 9/11.

-claimed that his military budget made up for his lack of military experience.

-Told wife #2 he’d disown their daughter if she entered the service.

-remember his fake ‘veterans hotline?’

-Lied to US troops in Iraq that he’d given them their 1st pay raise in over a decade.

-Trump Organization fired a vet for ‘absences’ after he was deployed to Afghanistan.

-Claimed if an armored Humvee was hit by an IED, soldiers “go for a little ride upward & they come down.”

-blamed military leaders for the deadly failed Yemen mission he approved.

-He can’t stop defending the Confederacy.

-said his expensive prep school gave him “more training militarily than a lot of the guys that go into the military.”

-attacked Navy Captain Crozier, who sounded COVID alarm for his sick sailors.

-used military against peaceful protests by citizens of color.

-Had government give hydroxychloroquine to 1300 vets with COVID-19 despite evidence it was dangerous.

-didn’t know what happened at Pearl Harbor.

-pulled out of Syria with no notice, abandoning US allies.

-Russia posted footage of Syrian base, built by US, that they now own.

-exploited 4 murdered Americans in Benghazi for crass political purposes, after his own party had cleared the Obama WH in multiple investigations.

-He keeps trying to destroy NATO.

-Because of his government shutdown, members of US military worked without pay.

-Said in 2018 that he was too busy to visit the troops: “I don’t think it’s overly necessary”.

-Ordered Navy to strip medals from prosecutors in Eddie Gallagher’s war crimes trial, even though Gallagher was extremely guilty.

Now this. Read it to a #maga or #kag loved one:

-Putin is financing the murder of our troops & Trump can’t stop siding with him.

-Trump has known for months and has chosen to say and do NOTHING about it.

The Pentagon & cabinet presented him with many options:

-a diplomatic complaint to Moscow

-a demand that they stop offering bounties for the murder of US and allied NATO troops

-an escalating series of sanctions

Trump has refused to say or do anything.

Trump stood in front of West Point graduates after forcing the cadets and their families to risk their health.

He knew that Putin was paying Islamic militants to target and murder US and NATO allied troops.

He gave his speech and did nothing.

Well, that’s not actually fair.

Trump did a few things after learning Putin was paying Al-Qaeda and other militants to target US and allied troops in Afghanistan:

-He lobbied other countries for Russia to be let back into the G7.

-He also talked to Putin June 1.

Days later he signed off on a plan to permanently withdraw up to 1/3 of the approx 34k U.S. troops currently based in Germany. Which is part of Putin’s dream of dismantling NATO. Donald Trump never told Germany he was going to do this.

Oh, and in May he withdrew from the Open Skies treaty, like Putin wanted.

Trump did Putin’s bidding in Syria this year.

He abandoned our Kurdish allies to slaughter.

They fought by our side and died because they trusted our leadership and our support to establish their own homeland. The closest and most reliable allies we had in the region, including Israel. He then handed over a US military base in Syria to Russian soldiers, to the delight of Russian news media.

Remember Helsinki?

He groveled before Putin and asserted that Russia didn’t interfere in the US election, trusting Putin over all US military and civilian intelligence agencies.

“He just said it’s not Russia. I will say this: I don’t see any reason why it would be”

Then, days later, said he wasn’t being servile to Putin and we all just didn’t understand what he said; “I realized that there is a need for some clarification…The sentence should have been…’I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t be Russia.'”

Well in May 2020, on a phone call with Putin, Trump told him the investigation into Russian interference in the election was a “hoax.” Again, he chose Putin over US intelligence.

He has known about Putin’s boutny on the heads of US and NATO allied troops for almost 2 months.

And has done nothing.

November cannot come fast enough.


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