Please Read!


I hope everyone is having a great Tuesday so far, staying safe during these troubled times and staying healthy while slowly getting back to normal as we reopen.

I know I’ve been posting a LOT lately about the virus, about the protests, about Trump and about Biden; contrasting the two and sharing my opinions and relevant news articles and resources on all of it.

Some have found it annoying. Some have found it helpful. Some have found it deranged. Some (I hope) find it interesting.

I find it necessary.

While I certainly do not wish to alienate anyone and I would never and will never attack anyone personally; I will also not apologize. I am allowed, some say required in a democracy, to voice my opinions and my views on current events and the state of our country and politics. I get it, politics is a mess. Would I rather just be posting pictures and videos of Toby and floating the river or going to shows with friends? Absolutely! And I will! But I will also speak my mind whenever and wherever I feel I need to.

I never tell people I disagree with to give it a rest, or to be quiet and stop posting about things they care about simply because I disagree with them. If you find me irritating or annoying, then it is your prerogative to unfollow me or snooze me for 30 days. I’ve lost more than a few friends this way, there are people not speaking to me anymore because some of my political or social beliefs differ from their own. Or because I simply do not support Trump or his movement. I find that small minded, short-sighted, and it breaks my heart.

But I will continue.

I love discussions and good natured and good hearted debates. I invite anyone and everyone to the table for the discussion we are all going to be having between now and November; and after. I will always respect each and every person and value both their opinions and life experiences, as well as cherish each and everyone of you as individuals.

You are all important and valued by me each in your own unique ways. Just as I hope I am important and valued by you all, in my own way.

Thanks for reading, thanks for participating and above all, thanks for being YOU!

With love and affection to all, and malice and ill will towards none,


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