Virginia Gun Control Lies

After watching this latest press conference, I felt the need to correct the President on a few points in regards to Virginia and his continued attacks on sensible gun control measures. With the continuing moves by this president to incite violence and stoke fear and conspiracies, it is important to not lose touch with reality.

Trump: Virginia is a great case though, because they’re using this, they’re trying to take your guns away in Virginia. And if the people in Virginia aren’t careful, that’s what’s going to happen to them…

Fact: Lawmakers in Virginia are not using COVID-19 to “take your guns away”. In fact, Democrats ran on a platform that included gun reforms in November of 2019 and began advancing gun control measures in early 2020. Prior to any lockdowns or other measures taken.

On April 10th, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam signed a series of gun bills into law that would require background checks for all gun purchases, establish an Extreme Risk Protective Order to create a legal mechanism for law enforcement to temporarily separate a person from their firearms when they represent a danger to themselves and/or others, reinstate Virginia’s one handgun a month rule, requires gun owners to report their lost or stolen firearms to law enforcement and increases the penalty for recklessly leaving firearms in the presence of children.

Trump: I think one of the greats, one of the really important places that people have to start looking at is what’s going on in Virginia because that’s really a mess with really a governor that’s under siege anyway…

Fact: Virginians strongly support the gun reform measures that Northam signed into law. According to a December 2019 poll, 86% of Virginians support requiring background checks on all gun sales and 73% support passing the Emergency Risk Protective Order into law.

Trump: That’s not even politics, we’re entitled to a Second Amendment and he’s trying to take the Second, meaning the state, the Democrats in the state, the Republicans are fighting it. They are trying to take that Second Amendment right away. To me that’s liberty. When I say liberate Virginia, I would say liberate Virginia when that kind of thing happens. And when does it all stop?

Fact: The Supreme Court has repeatedly found that the Second Amendment right is not absolute and the government can act to regulate it (the word regulate is written in the damn amendment for Christ’s sakes!). As Justice Scalia put it in the 2008 Heller decision, “the right secured by the Second Amendment is not unlimited” and “commentators and courts routinely explained that the right {secured by the Second Amendment} was not a right to keep and carry any weapon whatsoever in any manner whatsoever and for whatever purpose.”

Trump: I think when they talk about taking your guns away, and if you noticed at the beginning of this pandemic, there were more guns sold, than I think, almost than in any time in history, so it’s obviously a big issue and then you have them working and signing documents trying to take your Second Amendment away essentially, so I do think it’s an important time to bring it up.

Fact: Trump has responded to the COVID-19 pandemic by increasing access to firearms. Trump’s DHS seemed gun stores “essential” and his ATF allowed gun stores to offer curb-side pickups. As a result, there are now 100 gun stores that can offer drive-thru service for every 1 COVID-19 mobile testing site in the United States. Last week, Trump’s own DOJ is now warning that “a recent surge in gun sales has increased already rising concerns among those of us working to protect people from domestic violence and sexual assault due to the already tense situations that may become more dangerous with a (new) firearm in the house.”

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