Hello world!

As you may have noticed, I deactivated my Facebook account recently to take some time off to “reset” and unplug from the never ending train wreck that is today’s social media landscape. I wanted to take stock and do some thinking on what I want out of social networking, what it was taking from me vs providing to me. Also I needed to try to understand how best I could recalibrate so that I can stay in touch with far flung friends (not to mention everyone in this day and age of COVID-19 quarantines) and family but also continue commenting and writing about things that interest me both professionally and personally.

What I have decided is this: Facebook will be for events around town and keeping up with folks. A social calendar as it were.

This space, this will be for my writing and my voice.

As I found during my many posts on Facebook, some people simply cannot handle opinions or views different from their own. Many cannot handle simple facts. I found, much to my surprise as someone vehemently opposed to runaway political correctness, that a majority of the “snowflakes” were conservative self described Trump supporters. While I am used to the usual arguments thrown my way being a socially liberal intellectual in Texas, I was not used to the vitriolic reactions from friends. As I began to notice people deleting me from their accounts, I realized that Facebook just wasn’t the appropriate space to hold intellectual conversations and write posts related to topics that interest me. I honestly believed, in my naïveté, that my friends and family would surly be the best possible space to express myself in an open and honest way. While I expected and even invited disagreement, I did not expect simple political differences to fracture long held friendships. And I refuse to feed that beast any longer. My friends are always more important to me than any political or socioeconomic differences that may arise.

So, to anyone who is interested: Welcome to my space! Let’s have a great many discussions and I sincerely hope that you will learn something here and that I will learn from my interactions with you! I am looking forward to writing more here soon and starting a more structured presence online than what is allowed on typical social media platforms.

If you have any ideas or would like to suggest any topics please feel free to drop me a line!

Warmest regards,


3 thoughts on “Welcome!

    1. Will do, I have a few drafts of topics I’d like to post. If you have anything you’d like to discuss or hear my thoughts on, just let me know!



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